Based in Newbury, Berkshire, Touch Physio provides professionally delivered rehabilitation solutions for both human and animal clients with a multitude of musculoskeletal dysfunctions, pre and post-surgical issues, sports injuries, management of chronic conditions and problems coping with the physical demands of daily life.

Both human and animal lives can be compromised by the body’s ability to cope and, as humans, we seek treatment to alleviate our suffering. Animals, too, have the right to live enjoyable companion lives and have a good quality of life. As owners and caregivers, it is our responsibility to ensure our animals can express normal behaviours and function without limitation from fear, distress or pain. A life in pain or suffering, is no life at all.

Fortunately, a touch of physio can help both you and/or your hard-working companion or family friend recover, rehabilitate and live a good quality of life. Therapy is tailored individually, with the aim of treating the source of the problem(s) not just the symptoms via comprehensive holistic assessment and treatment, taking account of previous medical/veterinary history, work requirements, personal demands, interests and goals.

Whatever the goal, be it large or small, recreational or elite - if a musculoskeletal problem is limiting performance or affecting quality of life, a touch of physio can help get things back on track. All therapy and rehabilitation is delivered by a Chartered Physiotherapist for humans and ACPAT Animal Physiotherapist providing gold standard one to one care. Touch Physio is committed to helping you and your animals achieve optimum performance.


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